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Malaika Stick AED 12.00

Naglilihi ka ba sa Pastillas Ice Cream? Huwag magalala… introducing the Malaika Kulfi!!! (masibagong palakpakan) To be honest, an applause is an understatement kailangan bigyan ni Wowowillee ng jacket.  That’s how good this is!

What is Malaika Kulfi?

Malaika Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert in India. It is similar to ice cream but more dense and creamier.

The Experience.

Malaika is different to the Pastillas ice cream we have in the Philippines which is vanilla or cheese ice cream with Pastillas bits in it (you really need to look for those bits though). On the other hand, Malaika Kulfi is an ice cream made of Pastillas. Every bite is divine that will make your pupils dilate. Your brain cannot process the pleasure from the delightful sweetness and that shock from the brain freeze.


My first Malaika Kulfi experience was at Kulfilicious at Grub Shack Health Care City in Oud Mehta. They have another branch in Karama which has more hipster interior, incorporating the Indian culture in it. This is highly recommended for everyone, I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream? Unless you are lactose intolerant, but I would say it is still worth the risk. 🙂 For just AED AED 12.00 you can enjoy your Kulfilicios Malaika stick. AED 17.00 for a medium bowl and AED 20.00 for a large bowl both good for sharing. It will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, which for me is a better medicine to chocolate ice cream for heartbreaks and hormonal cravings.

CTTO This photo of Kulfilicious, Al Karama on @Zomato is making me hungry! —

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