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Fetta Cheese AED 15.00

It was around midnight and we were looking for something to eat. Most restaurants are closed at 11:00 P.M. so we found ourselves walking on one of the busiest streets in Dubai even until late night, Al Rigga. Most of the restaurants here are Arabic or a multi-cuisine restaurant which are Indian, Chinese and Filipino. Being a Filipino, and a self proclaimed good cook, I would rather eat something different from my palate, something  I cannot cook. Since its late night and too early for breakfast, I didn’t want anything heavy… until we saw the newly opened Breakfast To Breakfast.

The Experience.

It’s not my first time at B2B, my first B2B was at DIFC so I am quite familiar with what they have to offer. At this new Al Rigga branch, this visit must be my third. First visit, we just ordered, pay and run. Second visit, it was the same server on our first visit… so we sort of joke around with her and she was just playing along with us. Third, its not her. I wonder where is she. Anyways, when we decided what to order, we called our server which was seem to be in a bad mood. She wasn’t smiling which made me miss the first server. We ordered, Best of Tuna, Labneh Extra, and Elie’s. Labneh Extra arrived first, it has fresh labneh, tomato, black olives, mint, cucumber and olive oil. Their sandwiches are always cut in half since its big and good for sharing. I like the Labneh Extra, its fresh and the saltiness of the labneh matches perfectly with the bread and the veggies. I didn’t even had the chance to take a picture of it.

Then our other two sandwiches arrived, After two bites we realized than both our sandwiches are not what we ordered. It was Crunchy Chicken and Fetta Cheese. We did not have it changed since we were both hungry, we just ate it. Crunchy Chicken was not nice. It was dry and the chicken tastes like a left over.

Crunchy Chicken

Fetta Cheese was too salty for me. I couldn’t finish it. They offered to change our sandwich but we said no.

Feta Cheese

We paid and left. Luckily for B2B, this experience wouldn’t ruin their reputation for us since their food meets our expectations but I hope this serves as a lesson to be attentive on what are the customer’s orders.

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