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Max Grand De Luxe Burger – AED 22.00

One day during my first Ramadan in 2014, I was baby sitting my nephew and niece. We were in Deira City Centre playing in the play area. I was really hungry but since its Ramadan, bawal kumain. So I was drooling while the kids eat and I was just painfully watching them. Minamadali ko talaga sila matapos so we could all go home and I can eat too. Matapos ng tatlong oras ng gutom. My brother bought burgers with milkshake and fries from Max Burger. I don’t know if I was really hungry or what… but my first bite was heaven. Since then I couldn’t stop thinking of Max Burger whenever I crave to eat a juicy beef burger.

When we moved to Deira, I was so happy because I could eat the burger anytime I want. However Max Burger closed down in DCC. So my only option now is Mirdiff City Centre which is quite far from me. One day a super hero came to the rescue. I asked my friend if we can go to Mirdiff City Centre because I am dying to eat the burger again. So we did. When I saw their menu, it made me drool even more. I ordered Grand De Luxe Spicy Cheddar and my friend ordered Grand De Luxe Cheese with additional patty. We have to wait for few minutes since their burger is grilled not fried. When it arrived, I was surprised to see how it looks.

Its not as appetizing as the pictures on the menu. I know everyone does that, but come on… don’t up-sell yourself too much that you break our hearts for not meeting our expectations. :p

Anyways, all in all the taste is still juicy beef mouthwatering burger. One patty is not as good as the double patty so I suggest paying the extra price to get the oozing taste of the meat is worth it. As per my verdict, I think the pleasure of eating something when you are starving and gives you that comfort filling your tummy is the reason why I craved for it. When I ate it when I was not hungry the feeling is different. I don’t think I will crave for it again.

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