Dubai Street Food Awards 2018

When you travel to another country, the first thing you check out is the street food. There are some that are not that adventurous to try because of food poisoning but here in Dubai that rarely happens because of the strict Food Code- an integrated approach to ensure food safety from the place of primary production up…

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Akshar: Unlimited Gujrati Thali AED 40.00

We started our weekend right at Chai Pani on a Thurday night, one of the conversations we had with Kirit is Gujrati Thali. Kirit recommended Akshar a new Gujrati restaurant in Mankhool. Friday morning I checked out their menu on I sent my friend a message asking words on the menu. I sent around three…

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Chai Pani: Ragada Patties AED 12.00

10 Things I Like About Chai Pani Healthy. Pure vegetarian snacks that has the freshest ingredients. Most of the food here are baked and grilled. Presentation.  I eat with all my senses and the first sense that feasts on the food are my eyes. Food presentation affects perceived taste… this doesn’t apply just to kids…

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Chaat Bazaar: Bombay Classic Sandwich Grill AED 12.00

Lots of Chinese/Thai food the past few days I suddenly missed having chaat and Bombay Sandwich. I remember the first time I watched a video of a sandwich made in the streets of India, I was drooling like a bulldog. I told myself I can survive in India with all these yummy street food! Ending…

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Woodlands Karama: Cashewnut Rava Dosa AED 12.00

This is the third time that I visited Woodlands in Karama, and always with the same group of people. Three times I always was never given a menu. So I just ordered a normal Masala dosa with orange masala. My friend said I should try other flavored dosa. He suggested Mysore Masala Dosa AED 11.00….

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Wok n’ Roll: Tom Yum Fried Rice AED 26.00

After my Christmas shopping at MOE, drove around Barsha with friends. We saw this orange restaurant Wok n’ Roll which suits what we were craving for, delicious Chinese/ Thai cuisine but pocket friendly and is not in a noisy food court. Wok n’ Roll perfectly fits what we wanted. Wok n’ Roll has a lot of veggie…

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Dapoer Kita: Nasi Goreng AED 28.00

Dapoer Kita is an Indonesian restaurant in Karama. They have quite a big place comparing to other Indonesian restaurants in Karama which are small. I have never tried Indonesian food, besides Nasi Goreng that I ordered from a Filipino restaurant so it was obviously cooked for Filipinos and does not taste the original Nasi Goreng….

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Wok Boyz: Asian Food in a box AED 35.00

If you are in Trade Centre Area starving for fast and healthy Chinese food, check Wok Boyz out. The name itself says it all. Food cooked in a wok by boys. :p They serve it in a to-go box so this is good for people on the go or you can serve it in your…

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