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Gazebo- Subzi Masala Biryani AED 36.00

Kapag tinanong mo ang pinoy anong Indian food ang nakain nila, sigurado ako Biryani sagot nila. I am one of them. My family took me to Gazebo in Mirdiff City Centre for my first taste of Indian cuisine. I had Chicken Biryani, and I was amazed when it was served as it has a pastry on top of the ceramic pot. Since I am familiar with Biryani, it was a safe food for me to order. I also had Mutton Biryani at work from a different restaurant, which I didn’t like that much. I don’t like the after taste of mutton. On my second visit to Gazebo in Al Mankhool, my friend ordered Vegetable Biryani or Subzi Masala Biryani. I was surprised! I was thinking that it will be another fail for me like the mutton biryani. I couldn’t imagine vegetable in a biryani.
While waiting for the biryani, we had masala papad for starters. Papad is a crispy snack that tastes like Wonder Boy on its own. Gazebo’s Masala Papad looks like a pizza. It is topped with onion, tomato, coriander with green chutney on the side. It is like a vegetarian taco but flat. Masala Papad is a good appetizer as it will curb your hunger but will not make you feel full. Just enough before the main dish arrives.
When the Vegetable Biryani arrived, I wasn’t able to take a picture because the server immediately served it on our plates. It is basmati rice cooked with garden fresh vegetables, baby potatoes with a mix of sweet and tangy masala in a ceramic pot with pastry on top. It was served the same way as the chicken biryani. The taste is the same as the chicken biryani. The vegetable was fully cooked so there was less texture. I hope they could add a little texture to it so it will be more enjoyable to eat. The taste is good but it feels like eating baby food as it was too soft for me. The quantity is good for 2 people (na hindi gutom). It might be a little spicy for those who don’t like spicy food, I suggest eat the pastry topping. Masyadong malasa yung masala na pwede mo ipalaman sa pastry yung kanin. Call it carbo over load.
We ordered Zafrani Firni for dessert. It has rice milk, sugar, pistachio, cardamom and saffron. I always wondered why does Indian desserts have the same ingredients… milk , sugar, cardamom and saffron. It’s a good combination but I always wondered why. I realized the dessert has always milk on it to neutralize the hotness of the food you just ate. Zafrani Firni tastes like a melted kulfi served in a small ceramic pot. It was so good we ordered another one.


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Masala Dosa AED 10.25

My first weekend in Dubai after a fattening holiday in the Philippines, I am craving for a breakfast I have not tried. Something as filling as rice but not heavy. Something as tasty as longganisa but not oily. So I consulted my friends and asked, I got a lot of suggestions but one struck me the most is Masala Dosa. It looks like a big barquillos which brings back childhood memories as this is one of the things I am excited about when I go to church with my family. Being away from home in just few days makes me homesick and maybe this Masala Dosa will cure that.

What is Masala Dosa?

Masala dosa is one of the popular breakfast in South India. The dosa or the big barquillos/crepe has a potato filling served with chutney and sambar. Chutney and samabar are those sauce served in little cute bowls. Kakaiba diba? Sa Pinas for ice cream and toppings nito. 🙂

The Experience

One of the famous restaurants that  serves the best Masala Dosa here in Dubai is Saravanaa Bhavan After taking pictures as shown below, I gobbled on my masala dosa. The dosa does really look like a giant barquillos, even the feel is the same. When i cracked it open, I saw the yellow potato filling inside. The steam from the hot filling immediately fill my nostrils with the scent of the spices they used. I ate the dosa first without the filling, texture is like barquillos but doesn’t taste like it. It’s not sweet. There is a little saltiness to it. So I had another bite, this time with the potato filling. First bite explains why the dosa tastes simple because the potato filling is the bomb! Next bite, with the chutneys and sambar… All are good, and not spicy. There is a lot of taste going on. My favorite is the white chutney which is made of coconut milk. It really goes well with the simple taste of dosa and adds more flavor to the filling.

Masala dosa


It definitely satisfied my cravings and cured my homesickness by letting me experience that there is a warm, welcoming but different home away from home.
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