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Eat to Live. Live to Eat.

TheTasteOfGood.com is a blog that bridges every culture (especially Filipinos) living in UAE, particularly Dubai.

Filipinos’ population in UAE is around 700,000 and 450,000 of which lives in Dubai. That is 21.3% of Dubai’s population.

I am reviewing different cuisines that Filipinos are skeptical to try. I visit the restaurants and compare their food to the food similar to what we have back home so Filipinos will know how the food tastes like. That being said, please use Google translate when you read some of my posts as it is in Taglish or Tagalog-English.

Every cuisine is unique but if someone who has the same taste buds as theirs have tried it, then they would not be hesitant to eat it as well.

I believe that food is the eyes of a country’s culture and tradition. This blog will help me and other Filipinos see other cultures by trying different cuisines through the help of my multi-cultural friends.

Reviews will be posted on Taste Reviews.

Eating out and saving money at the same time? Reviews of restaurants I bought from Cobone or Groupon can be found on Good Deals.

I will post some of my fusion recipes and my friend’s recipes too on My Recipes.

Eating out all the time is unhealthy, Super Food will be about the healthy stuff I put in my tummy.

Although I live to eat, I will touch on other things too like travel, night life, events, new stuff, etc. which will be posted in Come With Me

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