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Al Farooj Al Shami – Al Rigga

Recently I watched Sex and The City 2 that was shot in Abu Dhabi. One of my favorite dishes was featured in the movie, Mohammara. Al Rigga is loaded with Arabic restaurants that serves mohammara. It was a challenge when I searched on zomato though, as I was searching mohammara and spelled it as Muhammara. I have reviewed other restaurants that served mohammara before, let’s see if Al Farooj Al Shami will rank higher than these restaurants.

Here is what we ordered:

Mohammara- was sweeter than other mohammara I had. It overpowered other ingredients such as the walnut, cumin and tomato sauce.

Labneh Manakeesh- bread is so soft with a generous amount of labneh. I dipped normal bread on it as the labneh was too much for me.

Meat shawarma- full of meat. Unlike other shawarma I had, it has a lot of extenders like French Fries and cabbage. The shawarma sauce they used is mild yet tasty. It has a garlicky flavor with mild sour taste. They used parsley and thinly sliced onion which enhanced the taste of the beef.

The difference of other Arabic restaurants in Al Rigga and Al Farooj Al Shami is we still have mohammara left in our bowl, but they didn’t serve a second serving of bread. They also didn’t serve salad when we were seated, which is always served when you order dips like mohammara or hummus.

I am rating Al Farooj Al Shami 3/5.
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