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Beef King Chinese Restaurant – Barsha Heights

If you are looking for a place to have dinner with a big group for a reasonable price and happy tummy, Beef King is the perfect place. We were here for a Sunday dinner with colleagues and everyone was excited to experience the “shabu-shabu” or Hot Pot. Beef King is quite huge. Good thing we were there early because it got full fast after 7:00 PM. We ordered the Hot Pot Meal which has the thinly sliced meat, seafood balls and sticks, tofu, fish tofu and vegetables. We also ordered an additional tray of crab balls and seafood platter.

When the broth was served, we added the mushroom, thinly sliced meat, seafood balls and sticks, tofu, fish tofu and seafood. We put the vegetables last as it cooks easily. Our servers prepared the sauce for us. There was a moment of silence when we started eating. Everyone was mindfully eating their bowl of hotpot. The servers did well on the sauces. It made my shabu –shabu experience more fun compared to my previous shabu-shabus. My favorite is the Crab Balls which is shaped like a big kisses chocolate. When you bite into it, it has a surprise waiting for you inside… crab fat. It gave an umami taste to the whole dish.

To end our sumptous dinner, we had two servings of golden bun for all 14 of us. 1 bun each person. It is a deep-fried white bun that is dipped in condensed milk. This is one of the things I am excited to have whenever I go for a hotpot.

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I am rating Beek King 4/5.

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