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I have been craving for the Keralite banana leaf meal for months. I saw one lady ordered this in a restaurant, it is a very traditional and nostalgic cuisine from Kerala- God’s own country’. It consists of piping hot steamed Kerala red rice, coconut chutney, pickle, vegetable stir fry, omelette and fish fry wrapped in slightly toasted banana leaves. Pothichuru comes from the word pothu which means pack and churu means rice.

When we received our Pothichuru, I was really excited. I was like a child waiting to open Santa Claus’s gift on a Christmas morning. I was slowly opening my Pothichuru meal to avoid spilling. Since it was delivered to our office, the rice was not steaming anymore during our lunch time.

The Pothichuru we ordered from Best Deal consists of below:

Rasam-tamarind soup that has a little spiciness to it. The unique thing about this soup is that they have it last because it apparently helps on digestion.

Fish Curry- fish in a curry made of grated coconut, green chili, dried red chili, curry leaves, onion, ginger, turmeric powder, coriander powder, fenugreek powder. Just the curry itself, can be eaten with the rice. However, I did not do that since I have a lot of dishes to try.

Egg- just a normal egg omelet.

Kerala Red Rice- similar to brown rice but heavier, one Pothichuru can stuff two people.

Green Papaya and Coconut Curry- this has a mild and creamy taste of the coconut milk with green papaya flesh, which has a foamy texture and a mild, almost tasteless flavor. It can be eaten to balance all the spiciness from the fish, chutney and the chicken.

Beans Ulathu- sautéed beans, nothing special, but it adds flavor and texture to the rice.

King Fish Fry- it is well marinated that it feels like eating a beef because of the color and texture of the fish. Besides the texture and taste, It has lesser bones compared to other fish.

Chicken Masala- chicken was also well marinated. It is a bit spicy for me, so I ate the papaya or cassava alternately with the chicken.

Cassava in Turmeric- boiled cassava with turmeric that helps on clearing your tongue from all the rich and spicy taste.

Coconut Chutney- this chutney is full of ginger and red in color. It is a bit spicy too.

Payasam- I had Payasam before but it is more watery, this one has a thick consistency which I like. It cleared all the spiciness from all the masalas used in the fish and chicken dishes.

I kept on thanking my colleague for a very unique experience. I like it so much, I am thinking of having a Dubai Pothichuru hunt. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

I am rating Best Deal’s Pothichuru 5/5. Best Deal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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