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Bol Gappa

Bol Gappa is a Bollywood themed restaurant in Karama that serves Indian fusion dishes. It has a bright colorful ambiance that will make you curious what they have to offer.

We opted for a light snack for dinner, and here are the dishes we ordered.

Mexican Bhel – a fusion of Indian and Mexican. This Mexican Bhel used nachos seasoning instead of the usual chaat masala. They topped it of with corn nachos, bell pepper, red onion, and sev. It was a good combination that we were tempted to order again. However, Boll Gappa has a lot more to offer so let us continue…

Crispy Schezwan- deep fried heavy batter coated baby corn and cauli flower marinated in spicy Schezuan sauce served on a bed of vegetarian hakka noodles topped with green onion. It has the punginess and spiciness of liberal use of garlic with a unique zesty and spiciness from Schezwan pepper. I cannot stop munching on this goodies even if it was spicy. The noodles helped on mellowing the spiciness of the fried vegetables.

Papdi Chaat- is like dahi batata puri but it uses the flat rice crackers instead of the round hollow ones. The secret to this is eat it immediately once served and open your mouth wide. Same with dahi batata puri, this is a safe food to order for those who don’t like spicy. The dahi or yogurt blends perfectly with the chaat masala. The diced potatoes and chickpeas gave the rice crackers additional texture and taste.

What we tried are few of their best sellers which are light. Bol Gappa has a lot to offer and will definitely be back for more. I am rating them 4/5.

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