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Broccoli Pizza & Pasta: Medium Greek Pizza

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta is the only restaurant in Ajman Corniche with vegetarian option. They have 19 outlets in Dubai, but I never bother to check it out since Dubai has a lot of options for whatever food you are looking for and Broccoli Pizza & Pasta seems to be not what we were craving for. My friend is vegetarian and this seems to be our only option that is near where we parked.

Luckily they are not that busy. We are the only customer and it seems that they finished all the orders for delivery. I wanted pasta and my friend wanted pizza. I suggested we can order one medium pizza and one serving of pasta. I have been craving to eat pesto, but the chef said Chunky Pasta (now veggie pasta) is better because they add veggies unlike pesto that it’s just the pasta and pesto sauce. When they served the pasta, I was shocked how big the serving is. It was served in a big bowl. If we only knew that the pasta is this big we could have ordered a small pizza instead. Anyways, since it’s big I asked for a plate. They don’t have plates, they gave us the serving dish for the small pizza instead. 🙂 The pasta tastes nice, its tomato based sauce with different veggies. I was wondering why was it called Chunky though. The weird thing about it is the way it looks, it almost looks like soup. All in all the taste is nice, the AED 25.00 is worth it. They also gave us a slice of complimentary cheese pizza.

Vegetable Pasta AED 25.00

Besides the pasta, we also ordered Greek Pizza. Greek Pizza is loaded with cheese, peppers, black olives, oregano, tomatoes, mushrooms and Feta cheese. It’s very seldom that I see a food served to us same or similar as how it looks in the pictures. Greek Pizza doesn’t just look appetizing, but the taste is superb as well. I regretted the days that I ignored Broccoli Pizza & Pasta and ordered from famous pizza chains when they have better and cheaper pizzas.

I am rating Broccoli Pizza & Pasta 4/5. Broccoli Pizza & Pasta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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