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Chaat Bazaar: Bombay Classic Sandwich Grill

Lots of Chinese/Thai food the past few days I suddenly missed having chaat and Bombay Sandwich. I remember the first time I watched a video of a sandwich made in the streets of India, I was drooling like a bulldog. I told myself I can survive in India with all these yummy street food!

Ending the long weekend, we had Sev Puri  and Bombay Classic Sandwich Grill at Chaat Bazaar, one of the crowded places in Karama to have chaat. We always visit the place for a chaat dinner and order sev puri and bhel puri but this time we had sev puri and Bombay Grill Sandwich. We finished our sev puri in a flash, while waiting for our sandwich I overheard two Indian kids in front of me read the menu like I do. I guess they grew up in Dubai and is not familiar as how to pronounce batata. When my sandwich arrived, I had 8 takes of photos on my phone before I got this one since most of the pics I took have legs or feet in the background.

I have eaten Bombay Sandwich before, Chaat Bazaar’s Bombay Sandwich’s taste… its a classic. Cucumber, capsicum, boiled potato, tomato, green chutney, cheddar cheese in between the grilled white breads. Then topped it with grated cheddar cheese. What I like about it is the plating. It looks more appetizing than other Bombay Classic Sandwich Grill I have tasted. If I was a kid that don’t like eating veggies (which is an accepted fact in PH, I only ate veggies when I was 12) I will be tricked to eat this. The sandwich taste like home cooked but prepared by a mom who loves to post pictures of her kid’s cute snacks on IG or Pinterest. :p

The staff are very accommodating and courteous too. He greets everyone that walks by their restaurant buying or not, in a very passionate way. Its not like “Good evening mam sir.” which sometime sounds like “I am just doing my job.” 🙂

Rating is 3.5/5. Chaat Bazaar’s menu has like a lot of options, each type of street food has something interesting in it like a fusion or something… check them out here. Chaat Bazaar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato You can have yours delivered if you don’t want to experience the hype in Karama.

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