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Chai Pani Café: Sev Puri Grill Sandwich

After our walk in Zabeel Park we want to have chai and some healthy snacks with it. Samosa is the perfect pair for chai but unfortunately its fried so we were left with no option but just to have chai. I  searched chai in Zomato and I read out loud to my friend Chai Pani in Atrium Centre. He said “NO WAY!!!”I asked why, he said chai means tea and pani means water. I said, “Yes that I know, but why are so amused?”. He explained that chai pani is like a slang for bribe or lagay for us Filipinos. Wow that’s an interesting way to name a café.

When we got there the café has avocado green and navy blue interior which are the colors you will see in a peacock, with peacock feather prints on the wall.


We checked the menu and we were again amazed as they have baked samosas! Just what we wanted. Then the server suggested we get the sev puri grill sandwich as well. I was blown… how can they make a sev puri a sandwich? We ordered that as well. We also ordered Bombay Streetfood Sandwich, Veggie Burger and Kadak Chai.

As mentioned earlier, samosas here are oven baked so its less fat and less calories. What I love about it is the size, its easy to bite! 🙂 The chutneys are perfect too. Sev Puri Grill Sanwich, an amazing fusion. You can feel the crispiness of the sev and puri inside the grilled bread. All the taste of a sev puri in a sandwich! I never expect that these two will be a good combination. The Bombay Street Food Sandwich is also awesome. Then the veggie burger, yummiest veggie burger I had. All the food we ordered are perfect. We asked for sweet chutney as it was perfect with all the food we ordered. However it was given to us when we finished the food.

Oven Baked Samosa Half Plate  AED 7.00
Bombay Street Sandwich AED 8.00
Veggie Burger

A man jokingly said, it was given late? Then it should be free. I was surprised, we just smiled at him as we don’t want to make a fuss about it. Then he opened a small door with a key and we realized that he is the owner. We introduced ourselves and commended how healthy food can taste so good. We had a chat with him over a cup of tea until they closed… Oh! before I forgot Kadak Chai is like a tea latte, perfectly blended tea and fresh milk which he is proud of as their tea is mixed with fresh milk and boiled for a long time to achieve that perfect blend.

Kadak Chai Single AED 3.00

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The food is of high quality at very low price. A must place to go for anyone craving for a healthy snack on a budget. They deliver too. Check their menu here Chai Pani Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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