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Chai Pani: Ragada Patties

10 Things I Like About Chai Pani

    1. Healthy. Pure vegetarian snacks that has the freshest ingredients. Most of the food here are baked and grilled.
    2. Presentation.  I eat with all my senses and the first sense that feasts on the food are my eyes. Food presentation affects perceived taste… this doesn’t apply just to kids even to adults. Studies have shown that people who ate the same food of different shapes perceived the other as better just because one has better shape than the other. Chai Pani makes it sure that the food they eat is tasty for the eyes, I even told Mai of Chai Pani that their food is something that kids will be interested to try.

      Chili Cheese Toast AED 10.00
    3. Creative dishes. Have you ever tried fusion of the same cuisine? Yes Chai Pani has that. Sev Puri and Bombay Grill Sandwich in one… well that’s how I perceived it. 🙂 Sev Puri Sandwich is one of their genius fusion which I reviewed on my previous post. They also have this Chili Cheese Toast which is bread toast with cheese, masala and bell peppers. This could pass as a pizza.
    4. Lots of options. They have a variety of options. From Indian snacks- hot and cold, pasta, salad,  grilled sandwiches, toasts, pizza, desserts, tea and coffee, fresh juices and smoothies. On my last visit I had the Puri Platter which is Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri all in one. This is a great way to introduce non-Indians to Chaat as you will have a taste of 4 chaats in one.
    5. Taste for everyone. Chai Pani serves Indian snacks that caters to the taste of everyone. Kirit, the owner requested the Chef to make my food less spicy and I said I want the regular spicy as how Chef will prepare it. It is the right amount of spicy for me. I might have higher tolerance on spicy food now, but Chai Pani’s menu is something Filipinos or anyone who does not like spicy hot foods will love because the spiciness is just right.
    6. Feels like home. When you visit Chai Pani, it feels like you are at home. After a long day at work or even at lunch people come here just to break away for at least an hour from stress at work.
    7. Accommodating staff. A place will not feel like home if the people in it are not welcoming. Shrishty is Chai Pani’s star. She will give you a tour on the menu and she knows what someone will like. We did not know what to order during our first visit but she did a fantastic job on the food she recommended. Kudos to Chef as well for preparing healthy yummy meals for us.
    8. Fast service. Knowing that their food is freshly baked and grilled, you will expect that the food will be served longer than usual… but they serve it almost the same waiting time as other chaat places or café. You will not even noticed that you waited especially if Kirit happens to be in the café as well he will make sure you are feeling your best in his café.
    9. Affordable. They have menu as low as AED 5.00, average price will be around AED 15.00. TIP: When I come here with friend/s we will order different meals each and share 🙂
    10. New menu. Yesss! Chai Pani has new and more interesting dishes to offer, its not on their Chai Pani Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato yet but it will be uploaded soon. One of the new dishes is Ragda Patties. Ragda Patties is a type of chaat with two vegetable patties and ragda or the super thick gravy made of peas. I have never tried this before because my friends said this is unhealthy. Regular Ragda Patties have patties that are fried and the ragda has too much oil. Chai Pani’s Ragda Patties has baked patties and ragda with less oil its not even visible to the human eye. For me Ragda Patties is like a warm pumpkin soup to warm your wintery nights. Its best to eat it now with this cold and nice Dubai weather. 


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      Another 5/5 for Chai Pani. Thanks Kirit and team for the healthy and yummy food. Looking forward to see you guys again.

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