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Chalco’s Mexican Grill: Chile Con Carne

I have been reading articles about Top 10 Cuisines in the world. Everyone’s comment that the list is incorrect. However, one thing I am sure of is that Mexican cuisine is one of the popular cuisines worldwide. Ironically, it is one of the cuisines that I have not tried. I might have, but, it will be a fusion with another cuisine. When we were in JLT, I saw Chalco’s Mexican Grill a small el restoran in Cluster D . We were undecided which restaurant to choose as JLT is buzzing with lots of restaurants of different cuisines, but Chalco’s won my heart as I have not had Mexican food from a restaurant that only serves Mexican food.

There were two ladies behind the counter, one was wrapping a humongous burrito and one was packing what the other lady had just wrapped. My friend asked if they have enchiladas which is not on the menu. They said yes. When the burrito lady finished her task she immediately assisted us. She showed us what will be put in our meal, from base, filling and toppings. I was fascinated with the burrito she just wrapped so I ordered Burrito Chile Con Carne with Tomato Salsa. My friend had Veggie Burrito without cheese and additional guacamole.

We sat outside watching the lake and people with their dogs walking in the area. They gave us a complimentary nacho and salsa, which was really nice as it was freshly cooked. We had two servings of the crispy corn chips with a simple tomato salsa. 🙂

Complimentary Nachos and Salsa

They served our food and my friend was surprised with his food as he was served enchiladas and not burrito. He did not ask it to be changed as he was hungry.  Chalco’s Veggie Enchiladas are two corn tortilla rolls stuffed with veggies and served with rice and beans on the side.  Luckily it was not that bad but it could have been better if we put a little of Tabasco to add taste.

Vegetarian Enchiladas AED 28.00

I  was shocked by the size of my burrito. I cannot even hold it with one hand. I sliced it in half, gave it a bite and now I believe in love at first bite. This is different from Taco Bell. I am not sure if this is authentic, but I like it. Since it is too big, I was already full before I finished the first half of my burrito. So I asked them to wrap the other half for take away.

I am rating Chalco’s 3.5/5. The food was all good, but it would be better if they will repeat the order to avoid mistakes. You can check them on Chalco's Mexican Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato ,they have lunch promo everyday.

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