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Chettinad House Restaurant

We have been eyeing on Chettinad House for a while now, but every time we come there its either there is heavy traffic or we couldn’t find a parking. Weekends especially Friday is a headache out there. After Sunday mass we thought it will be the best time to eat at CHR. We were right. No heavy traffic and we were able to park in front of the restaurant.

It’s a small place behind Lulu Karama beside the mosque. We were so hungry we ordered food good for 4 people. Both of us don’t know anything on the menu. The only dish we selected was the fish masala because we were both craving for fish. Our server recommended Thallcha Idlyappam and Veg Kothu Paratha.

Thallcha Idlyappam is like bihon but cooked simpler. It only has lots of onions and mustard seeds. Looking at it, it seems a bad choice we ordered it but after my first bite I almost finish the whole plate.

Thallcha Idlyappam AED 9.00

Veg Kothu Paratha is mixed vegetables with small paratha shavings. It’s like a stir fry vegetables but with paratha. This dish is quite filling for only AED 12.00.

Chettinad fish masala this is similar to other fish masala I’ve had. We asked for less spicy but still its spicy. Maybe they do that to remove the fishy smell from the fish like how we add lots of ginger in our paksiw na bangus. It would have been better if there are no fish bones in it.

Chettinad Fish Masala AED 20.00

Even if its spicy I still enjoyed it. We finished everything and I told my friend to not eat the Thallcha Idlyappam :). Finally we had our dessert, Jigarthanda  is like a milkshake with icecream on top. The flavor is similar to the falooda.


I am sure CHR has a lot to offer, we will be definitely be back here but not on a weekend or maybe have something delivered using Chettinad House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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