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Classic Burger Joint: The Original Juicy Lucy

Burger is one of the best and yet unhealthy food invention made. History is unclear on who made it but this joint with a Lebanese recipe has the best hamburger I have tasted. All those famous burgers in the malls or those that has big restaurants are nothing compared this burger haven.

When someone asked me what is my favorite burger I will say Classic Burger, and they thought I was referring to a type of burger but this is in fact the name of the place. Classic Burger Joint is located in Trade Centre Area at the ground floor of Aspin Building. You can check the location in Classic Burger Joint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We ordered 2 burgers, both their best sellers. Classic Cheese Burger with additional jalapeños and The Original Juicy Lucy.

Classic Cheese Burger: AED 51.00

Classic Cheese burger is more than just a classic. Classic is an understatement, CBJ Classic Burger is their own recipe and no one can ever leave up to it. Incomparable to any burger places anywhere I have been to. The burger patty is so thick and juicy it seems like a double patty compared to other burger restaurants. When you bite into it, the juice of the 150 grams grilled 100% Australian Angus grain fed beef patty and cheese are flowing with yumminess.

The Original Juicy Lucy: AED 61.00

The Original Juicy Lucy has a funny name, but a very serious heart pounding, out of this world burger. It is indeed juicy as the patty was cooked with cheese inside the patty. The pickles, tomato, lettuce and sauce adds up to the juiciness. Perfectly blended flavors and textures all happening in my mouth. The fries has the perfect saltiness and crisp. Coleslaw also helps on not making you feel satiated with all the oil from the fries and burger. Every dirham is worth it in this burger, highly recommended!

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