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Coco’s Mister Baker: Tripple Dare Chocolate

Cake is something you can leave without but still live with. Every important moment in our lives there is cake. Two friends have been going crazy with this Tripple Chocolate Cake from Coco’s. Curious I checked them on Coco's Mister Baker Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for location so I can visit their branch.
I had a little chat with the guy in the shop, he said they merged with Mister Baker that’s why the name now is Coco’s Mister Baker. I am familiar with Mister Baker as they have a big bakeshop in Karama. He said recipe of the chocolate cake is still the same. I ordered a slice for AED 19.00. I had high hopes of the cake as my friends on separate occasions told me that this cake is the best chocolate cake in Dubai. When I had a bite, my expectation wasn’t met. I was expecting a very moist chocolate cake oozing with chocolate goodness in between each layer. It tastes like Goldilocks chocolate roll cake which is a famous reasonably priced bakeshop in the Philippines which has 8×10 inches cakes AED 35.00. I know Philippines is different and this is Dubai, but for the price of AED 19.00 I was expecting more. I had other cakes from other bakeshops for the same price but has better taste. Coco’s might be known for this cake but its not my jive.

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