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Raju Omlet Karama: Crushed Bhurji and Paneer Bhurji

“I want egg for dinner.”, sabi ng anak ko nung 3 years old siya. I said, “Egg is for breakfast”. “But why?”, she asked. I cannot think of an answer so I responded, “Just finish what is on your plate”. Natuyo utak ko dun ah… kaya after dinner, I consulted Google. 🙂

I thought of reasons why egg is associated with breakfast. Historically, breakfast took off in the 1800s during the Industrial Revolution. Workers need protein and fat to nourish them throughout the day and egg is the cheaper alternative to meat. So for those who could afford can eat more lavishly. But now, some of the reasons would be is its full of vitamins and minerals, light, easy to prepare, and fast to eat. Perfect for people on the go… this sounds perfect for dinner too doesn’t it? Well I only know few ways how to prepare egg and it’s the breakfastish type, until I had Raju Omlet’s Crush Bhurji .

What is Crush Bhurji?

Crush Bhurji is another popular street food in India. It is a tomato gravy with grated boiled egg, chili powder, ginger and garlic. Vegetarian version of this is the Paneer Bhurji.

The Experience.

I have never mixed egg with tomato gravy so this is new to me. Incomparable to any Filipino dish since we use tomato gravy on meat. On that note, it is definitely worth to try. Its something you will crave for because the taste is perfect to the Filipino taste buds. Tangy, savory, a little bit sweet and spicy. As pictured above, they both look similar but taste different. I like both but for me Paneer Bhurji is tastier. I think I can survive in the streets of India with all of these tasty street foods!

I seriously love Raju Omlet, this is my second visit and I would be back for more ticking every dish on their menu. Check their menu here Raju Omlet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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