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As I have mentioned on my previous post about Chaat where I gave a review on Pani Puri and Sev Puri, there are a lot of chaats to choose from and today I will share my favorite…the DAHI BATATA PURI.

What is Dahi Batata Puri?

Dahi means yogurt, batata means potato (sounds like patatas), puri are the crispy balls. Imagine that all together with sweet tamarind chutney, green chutney, chili powder and other spices… that is my favorite chaat.

The Experience.

Looking at it, its similar to pani puri but instead of using the water they put potato, chickpeas, spices, smothered it with yogurt and then topped with sev. It looks like a melting ice cream. Remember, when you eat chaat it should be eaten whole and fast… and so I did. BOOM! My mouth was bursting with flavors, textures, and even feelings. Buti pa ang DAHI PURI, sinabugan ako ng feelings. :p It was like a sting of spiciness that’s cooled down by the slightly sweet yogurt. Then there is the crispy puri blended with the soft potatoes. The touch of the warm puri on your tongue and the cold yogurt on your upper lip is delish. Its just perfect! For the price of AED 10.00 with 6 pieces of puri its good for sharing, I cannot finish one as the potatoes and yogurt are quite heavy. What we usually do, we order 2 chaats and we share both. That other chaat is called Bhel Puri which is only AED 8.00. I would say, among all the Bhel Puri I have tried, Mumbaikar is the finest. I couldn’t tell what is the difference among other chaat place, but I like their Bhel Puri even though Bhel Puri is only on the 5th place of my favorite chaats, when I am at Mumbaikar I will order this over and over again.

Update: Mumbaikar’s bhel puri has changed, it doesn’t have the same taste as before and looks different too. Its disappointing to know that the only place that serves bhel puri that I would eat has changed its quality.

My Mumbaikar's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato rating for them now is 2/5.

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