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Dapoer Kita: Nasi Goreng

Dapoer Kita is an Indonesian restaurant in Karama. They have quite a big place comparing to other Indonesian restaurants in Karama which are small. I have never tried Indonesian food, besides Nasi Goreng that I ordered from a Filipino restaurant so it was obviously cooked for Filipinos and does not taste the original Nasi Goreng.
The restaurant was empty, I thought they were closing but they were not. There are a lot of words in the menu that are similar to Filipino like kambing=goat, kangkung= we call it kangkong which is water spinach, bihun= we call it bihon which is rice noodles in English. We ordered Kangkung Cah Polos, siomay, Nasi Goreng without chicken and egg yolk.

The Kangkung Cah Polos arrived first. It is a stir fried water spinach with lots of garlic. Its is similar to Filipino’s Adobong Kangkong. It tastes okay but its weird to see a stir fried dish wet and brothy. Stir fried should only have little sauce.

Kangkung Cah Polos – AED 14.00

Nasi Goreng is a stir fried rice dish with meat and egg. The Nasi Goreng we had was modified as per our request. No meat and no egg yolk. As pictured above it doesn’t look appetizing at all. The modifications might had an effect on the taste but at least something can be done with the plating.

Siomay is an appetizer but its the last to arrive at our table. Among all three of the food we ordered this is the best. The plating doesn’t look appetizing too. Its a plate of steamed fish cake, tofu, egg, served with peanut sauce. Its a simple dish but what makes it good is the sauce.

I am rating Dapoer Kita 2/5. Indonesian cuisine same as Filipino cuisine is not Vegetarian friendly, very limited dishes that are pure vegetarian. The service and the food quality is not worth for its price. They say the first thing you eat with is your eyes, so the food has to look nice too. The taste is nothing special as well. This is the first time I had Indonesian food, I hope it is not how an authentic Indonesian food look and taste like.

Base on the reviews on Dapoer Kita Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato it seem high, I suggest you check them out but don’t make any modification on your food.

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