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Darjeeling Cafe: Happiness in Small Things

Darjeeling is a new small cafe in Karama. It has 7 tables that can sit 2-3 people each. They have guitars you can play and books you can read. One side of the interior is painted like a brick wall while the other side is painted like a chalk board where they have written the menu and quotes about friendship in relation to tea and coffee. A tiny place, but cozy enough to make you walk straight to it when you see it lit up like a small garden. This was what exactly happened to me, I saw it on Darjeeling Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato in the newly opened section. I bookmarked it and made a reminder to visit the place whenever I am in Karama. One Thursday night, I finally got to visit this tiny gem. The price is as small as the place. They serve low priced foods and drinks. We ordered Soya Momo, Paneer Momo, Veg Grill Sandwich, and two of their health tea… Cardamom and Turmeric Ginger Tea.

They seem under staff because when we arrived, our order was not taken immediately we were told by other customers to ring the bell. After ringing the bell, the server came out of the kitchen with all smiles. She was smiling constantly and when we asked what is their specialty she was still smiling. She finally recommended what to order as stated above. She went in the kitchen and I think she helps the chef in preparing the foods and drinks.

She arrived with a big tray of  paneer momos and two serving of soup. The soup is vegetable broth with green onion toppings. Paneer Momo is a dumpling with minced paneer, cabbage and carrots. It would have been better if it has more paneer in it, I could hardly taste the paneer. The orange chutney compensated the lack of the paneer though. The tea was served in a cute little tea pot with matching cup.The cup served as the base of the pot. The Turmeric Ginger was refreshing. It gives a soothing feeling to your throat. Cardaomom tea tastes like earth. One tea pot can hold 2.5 cups of tea.

The Soya Momo has a gingerish taste and meaty texture. It tastes better than the Paneer Momo. Both momos were good and worth it. For only AED 14-15.00 you will get 9 pieces of momos and complimentary vegetable soup.

Soya Momo

The Grilled Vegetable Sandwich is served with fries. The fries were too soft.They served it with steamed eggplant, fresh onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and crunchy lettuce.

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Enjoying the ambiance, we had another tea. We ordered Turmeric Ginger with additional ginger and their best seller Milk Tea. The Milk Tea is different with Chai or Karak. It is very light. It is quite challenging to drink,because the clay mug is too hot to hold. Better wrap it in a tissue paper to avoid getting burned.

Darjeeling Milk Tea

Paneer Momos AED 15.00

Soya Momos AED 14.00

Veg Grill Sandwich AED 8.00

Turmeric Ginger and Cardamom AED 6.00 each

Darjeeling Milk Tea AED 4.00

I am rating Darjeeling 4/5.

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