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Des Pardes: Rabri

If ever you have those moments when you are so down, lonely, sad for any reason or no reason at all I have a solution for you to lift your mood. I know emotional eating is bad, but once you have this emotional booster.. even if you are happy you will still eat this. I am introducing you to Rabri.

The Rabri or Rabdi is a thickened milk, cardamom, saffron, and sugar. No, this is not condensed milk. Condensed milk requires continuous stirring in low heat. Rabri is made by scraping off the foam formed when boiled to the sides of the pan. Then mixing it together up to a certain level that milk has evaporated. (Yes, I did my research.)

My first Rabri was from Des Pardes, a famous Pakistani restaurant that serves cheap and tasty food as told by the RTA taxi drivers I talked to who had dined there. Pakistani food is tasty, but it is too oily for me. I had their Kheer once, when I was craving for Kheer (which I will review next) they said it was out of stock and I can try Rabri. Well, I got hooked to it. I love how it tastes. It tastes like pastillas. The authentic pastillas de leche we have in PH made of Carabao’s milk, but in a different form. It is served chilled. First bite, you will feel and taste the creaminess with that weird and good feeling that feels like you are drinking milk but you can actually chew on it. The strands are like cold shavings of pastillas, once it’s in your mouth it slowly melts in your mouth making you savor the creamy sweet strands of happiness.

Once you have this, you cannot stop thinking about it… then you will forget why was I sad again? 5/5 for the Rabri Des Pardes. Des Pardes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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