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Dhaba Lane – Al Karama

You can’t miss this place because of the brightly lit name and the long queue waiting outside this very colorful restaurant. However, in case you still missed it… it is just behind Park Regis Hotel. Dhaba Lane is always packed, we were here twice but was not lucky enough to be seated immediately. You have to wait for 20-30 minutes to be seated. People are patiently waiting and I don’t have that patience when I am hungry. Until one day, we got lucky and we arrived at the Dhaba Lane with only two tables occupied, because they are almost closed. 🙂

Despite the fact that we arrived an hour before closing, they still accommodated us. We told them that we wanted something light so we ordered their vegetable starters. Chef Jitender and his staff recommended we try their main dishes as well. They prepared our starters as an amuse-bouche and the normal serving for our main dishes and desserts, but first, they offered us a welcome drink… Mango Shikkanji. It is a shot of mango juice with a mild sweetness and slightly tangy and spicy taste. It is refreshing, even in just one gulp.


Purani Dillu Ki Papari Chaat- Delhi street food which is similar to Dahi Batata Puri but used the flat puri instead of the fluffed ones. It is a mixture of mint, yogurt, tamarind, blueberry,

Tandoori Phool- is a combination of grilled broccoli and cauliflower. They serve it in Malay which is the light flavor and Saffron which is the spicy flavor.

Shabnam Ke Moti- is a mushroom filled with cheese. It is seared from the outside that it almost looked like meat. The texture when you chew on it feels like meat as well. This is my favorite starter.

Dahi Ke Kabab- looks like deep fried nuggets but you will be surprised when you bite it as it has a very creamy and soft texture. It is made of labneh, yogurt, coconut with a dash of cardamom. A very unique starter that will wake up your palate. My second favorite.


Rangeela- Delhi’s non-alcoholic Sangria which has soda, lime, pomegranate and Dhaba Lane’s secret fruit syrup. Whatever it is, this is a must try. It cools down the tongue and refreshes your body.

Main Course:

Dhaba Wala Pav Bhaji- served in a tiffin can, which is how Pav Bhaji is served when people go to work or school. This is not the first time I saw Pav Bhaji is served, but the taste is for sure a first for me. It is more citrusy compared to Pav Bhaji I had. They used Kaffir lime flavored pav. There is no need to squeeze the lemon on the bhaji as it has the right amount of citrus flavor that complements the minced vegetable, masala, and butter.

Paneer Taka Tak- paneer with onion and tomato gravy. It is similar to the Paneer Butter Masala but has more of the tomato taste. It has a generous amount of Paneer which I really like. It has a big serving which can be shared by two people.

Dal Makhan Mar Ke- their Dal Makhan Mar Ke is similar to Dal Makhani, but their version has a smoky flavor because they slow cooked it for 36 hours. It also has the right amount of saltiness that you would scoop for more with your bread from the mini bread basket.

Mini Bread Basket- has Pudina Paratha, Butter Naan, Mirch Pyaz Ka Paratha. It is a basket fit for a king, as it can be shared by 2-3 people. It is cooked with a lot of ghee, so expect to have oily fingers while you eat.


Tilla Wali Kulfi- Kulfi is not new for me. The good thing about Dhaba Lane’s Kulfi is it is not too sweet and I like that it has a lot of pistachios .

Chenna Cheese Cake- served in a foggy bowl, you are in for a surprise with this dessert. It is a fusion of two of the most advanced ancient civilizations, Greece and India (Rama Empire). It is a light cheese cake fused with ras malai soup. A dessert that you will finish up to the last bite and last drop.

Now I know why people are waiting for half an hour to dine on Dhaba Lane.

  • They serve appetizing food that satisfies all your senses.
  • Dishes are served in unique platters with burning coal, fog, or smoke.
  • Your taste buds will surely be in for a treat from playful recipes by Chef Jitender.
  • Staff will make you feel at home by serving their best dishes with a very accommodating attitude and a beautiful smile.

All of these means they have a rating of 5/5. Dhaba Lane Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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