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Doner Deli – Dubai Marina

The weather is still not too hot to have some hot and fiery dish and a nice walk in the Dubai Marina. Nice view of all the skyscrapers and cruises and fiery new dishes from Doner Deli is the best spot for a nice view with good food. I have tried their new dishes and here is my review. 

  • Fiery Fries – fries with dynamite sauce and cheese. To make it spicier, you can sprinkle crushed spicy Cheetos. It is really fiery spicy, not for the faint palate. :p 
  • Healthy Veal Box – Veal and salad in a to-go box. They serve this with three sauces: Deli Tomato Sauce, Garlic Mayo and Special Herbed Yogurt. Garlic mayo is the best sauce with it as it compensates the soft and light taste of the veal. 
  • Classic Chicken Box- chicken trimmings served with fries. This is better with yogurt sauce since the chicken is a little bit salty and the yogurt balances it out. 

  • Fiery Durum – I opted for mixed chicken and veal in a wrap.  The wrap is soft. Mixed chicken and veal is a good mix as the tastiness of the chicken and the softness is the veal is resulting to a very unique flavor and texture. Spiciness is tolerable for adults, but not recommended for kids. 

  • Sliders – They have three different sliders with different sauces. Falafel has tahini and yogurt. Veal has barbecue sauce, and Chicken has ketchup and mayo. Veal is my favorite because it has more flavors than the other two. I like the barbecue sauce which makes the soft veal melt in my mouth. Chicken will be favored by kids because of its simple taste. Falafel is missing a wow factor… Hoping for a better way of serving the slider so it will be more appetizing for kids. 
  • Mango Strawberry Slush- Refreshingly good with a balanced sweetness of the mango and sourness of the strawberry. 

They have special offer this Ramadan. Check them out on Doner Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato   and take advantage of this amazing offer. 

1) Meal for 1 : AED 34.00 

Description: All in one! A choice of Classic Pita/Durum Bread or Doner over rice served with Golden French Fries, Soft Drinks and Dates. 

2) Duo Meal: AED 63.00 

Description: The perfect sharing Duo! Mix and match between Classic Pita/Durum bread or Doner over rice served with Golden French Fries and Soft Drinks and Dates. 

3) Family Meal: AED 89.00  

Description: Family perfect meal! Two Classic Pita’s and Two Doner Over Rice’s, served with a sharing platter of Golden French Fries, Family sized Soft Drink and Dates. 

4) All You Can Eat: AED 39.00 

Description: An all you can eat meal that will be from 6 pm- 8:30 PM. This offer will include a purchase of a meal with unlimited sandwich or platter refill (softdrinks and fries not included). 

Note—> it will also include a free upgrade to Vimto and complementary dates. 

I am rating Doner Deli Dubai Marina 4/5. 

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