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Downtown Cafe: Cowboy Burger

My photos does not give justice on how good the food in this place is. We were driving around Karama looking for a place to have dinner, it was a long weekend and this place was packed when we passed by it. I bookmarked their Downtown Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato so I will remember to check this restaurant out on a normal day.

One weeknight we were craving for a good burger, a burger that is not served from fast foods which is usually fried. We head over to Downtown Cafe to have a burger. When we got there we did not have just a burger. The place is a haven for people who love to read and play board games. This is a place for group of friends wanting to unwind without alcohol. You can have fun playing the board games who ever lose pays the bill :p

We had Cowboy Burger and DT Gourmet Burger. Unfortunately the picture I took for DT Gourmet Burger is blurred. Both burgers were great, I find it small for the price though but the beef patty used is juicy and tasty. Since the bacon used is beef it will be a little chewy. So expect some fight with the beef bacon of Cowboy Burger.

We saw chicken keema on the menu, my friend’s favorite so we ordered one and give it a try. I love it. It tastes different from shawarma. My gustatory cells just came to life.

Chicken Kheema AED 20.00

Surf n Turf is one of their steak menu. It is beef steak and shrimp in white sauce with a scoop of mushed potato and buttered vegetables on the side. Topped with parsley for a nice finish. It is a nice meal, its a bit pricey but since we were full from the burgers and the kheema we got satisfied with this dish too.

Surf n Turf AED 59.00

All in all, it was a nice experience. Staff was accommodating serves the food fast, hot and fresh. The price for the quantity of the food will be a little too much, but if you come here for the place to hang out with your friends its worth it. Its a place not just for eating but also for having fun. On a side note, do not sit at the right end corner of the restaurant if you plan to take pictures of the food.

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