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Downtown Cafe

We were looking for a reasonably priced location for a friend’s surprise baby shower. We visited few places but there would be something that’s not right after checking the place…. Like difficult to find parking, the place is too girly (and my friend is having a boy), the cost is out of our budget or not kid friendly. Then I remembered Downtown Café. It is a spacious restaurant with lots of books and game boards which can entertain the kids while the adults catch up.

It was a perfect place for the baby shower. They even agreed to open up a little bit early so we can put up some balloons. They also put their own decorations.

Each guest ordered their own breakfast dish. I was not able to take pictures of every guest’s food and beverage but this is what I was able to take pictures of.

Detox Greenie- a refreshing smoothie without the guilt. They don’t use sugar on their smoothies that will make you taste every ingredient they used. It has the watery freshness of cucumber, sweet and sour taste of a green apple and a kiwi, cold minty leaves, and spicy ginger. It doesn’t just refresh you but cleanses your body too.

Egg Burji- this is one of my favorite Indian egg dishes, Downtown Café’s Egg Burji is not as tasty as other Egg Burji I had. Definitely needs improvement.

Arugula and Anar- on my first bite, I thought they added sugar because the dressing was a little bit sweet. The server said, no sugar was used in the salad. The sweetness was from the orange, pomegranate, and anar (pomegranate) reduction that rocket lettuce, orange, and pomegranate, apple dressed with anar reduction.

While they have a lot of Club Sandwich options the one that stood out among all the club sandwiches, we ordered was the Mexican Veg Club Sandwich. They used salsa as a dressing and guacamole which made it different among all the club sandwiches.

DT Chicken Club Sandwich

Veg Club Sandwich

Service is exemplary. They even gave us to-go boxes for our cake that we ordered outside.

The place is great for big and small groups. Food is good but not all. I am rating Downtown Café 3.5/5.

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