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Dragon House: The Asian Mix Up

One night we were walking and craving for a nice Asian dish that we have not tried. There are popular Chinese restaurants in Oud Metha which caters to mostly Chinese tourist. Every day a bus full of tourists is parked in front of these restaurants.

Dragon House is a tiny joint hidden in the side streets of Oud Metha. They serve a mix Chinese food with lesser crowd. They have more customers ordering for delivery.  We ordered Mixed Vegetable in Red Curry Sauce and Garlic Fried Rice. Looking at what we ordered I have a hint that it is not Chinese. Let’s see if I am correct.

They gave us a complimentary starter, fried bread with shanghai filling topped with sesame seeds. It was too oily and salty. We dabbed it on the tissue to remove the excess oil. When our server put the garlic fried rice and red curry vegetables on our table I was right… it’s not Chinese.

Complimentary Starter

The garlic fried rice is the Filipino fried rice we eat in the morning. It’s basically sauteed garlic until fragrant, then stir fry left over rice from previous day, then add salt according to taste. Just the aroma of it from the kitchen I already know it’s our fried rice and not a Chinese specialty. I have to verify if my scent of smell is correct, after one bite it is indeed the Filipino Garlic Fried Rice. Even though it is not Chinese, I liked how they made it.. very garlicky and just the right amount of saltiness.

Garlic Fried Rice

The Mixed Vegetable in Red Curry sauce is Thai. I can see kaffir lime leaves mixed with all the vegetables in the curry sauce. There is a hint of a Thai taste to it since there was less kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass used or the lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves were not cooked at the right time with other vegetables and curry.

Mixed Vegetable in Red Curry Sauce

It will be best to add the cuisines they serve in their menu on Dragon House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato . My rating is 3/5.

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