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Sabah Lebnan: Falafel Sandwich and Lentil Soup

I don’t usually eat dinner but I was hungry. I wanted something light but tasty. I was walking along Oud Mehta and saw this Lebanese restaurant along side with Indian restaurants, a Thai restaurant and a Chinese restaurant… Sabah Lebnan.

The Experience.

There were not much people inside which was what I wanted as I want to eat my dinner quietly. I ordered lentil soup and falafel sandwich. Since it was cheap, I wasn’t expecting that they will serve me olives, pickled vegetables and the Arabic bread. I understood why they served it, because it took time for them to prepare my sandwich and soup. Good thing I was engrossed with the book I was reading. My lentil soup arrived, my first sip gave me warmth as it was cold outside. My second sip gave me comfort as it satisfied my growling tummy. My third sip made me feel healthy, like “yeah! I am turning vegetarian now!” I was almost finish with my soup when my falafel sandwich arrived, first bite… I was like “are you sure this is vegetarian?”. Second bite, “this is like a healthy version of chicken nuggets!”. Third bite, the garlicky tahini sauce goes well with the dry falafel, the vegetables adds moisture to the sandwich as well. It would be better if there were more sauce though because I find the sandwich really dry. I hope they serve the food faster next time, I dont understand why it took time, there were just 3 tables including mine at that time.

The food was fine but service was really slow. I am giving Sabah Lebnan 2.5/5 on Sabah Lebnan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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