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Midnight Cafe Gardenia Pizza

Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut, Shakeys, S&R these are the popular pizza places in the Philippines. Never ako umorder ng Veggie Pizza nila. Feeling ko not worth my money eh kaya the meatiest pizza lagi inorder ko.

But then, I was craving for pizza and I am lazy to go out. I also want to try something new. So I checked on Zomato, and found this gem of different breads, pasta and salads… Midnight Café.

Whats is Gardenia Pizza?

I took a risk and I ordered Gardenia Pizza which has tomato, onion, capsicum, garlic, mushroom, stuffed olive, and oregano for AED 28.00 and a garlic and chilly bread for AED 6.00. I was skeptical at first as I didnt had a vegetarian pizza before… but I told myself since I am trying to be healthy, at least make the pizza less unhealthy.

The Experience.

The food arrived on time, the food is still warm and seems like it’s fresh from the oven. While checking and slicing the pizza to smaller portion I was munching on the garlic bread which is really yummy! While slicing a pizza into a smaller triangle I can smell the piquancy of the vegetables. After my first garlic bread I immediately bite from my pizza. Oh damn! It doesnt taste as how I imagined. The succulent blend of vegetables and cheese is just extraordinary. Midnight Café’s tag line on their pizza is NOT THIN, NOT THICK, JUST PERFECT. I agree with them 100%. I always had a love hate relationship with pizza crust. If I order thin crust, I cannot taste the crust anymore. If I order thick crust, all I can taste was the crust, Gardenia Pizza has the perfect crust. You can taste the whole pizza all together… the crust, the pizza sauce, the cheese, and the vegetable toppings are superb! On my second (or third, hindi ko na matandaan. I lost count. Sorry naman.) slice which I did not cut in half (wag na magpanggap), I noticed that they put the cheese generously. Two layers of cheese… under and over the vegetables. After having my third slice, I told my self… this is soooo heavenly I dont think this isnt junk. So I went out for a walk to burn those calories off but I would never think twice on eating Gardenia Pizza again.

P.S. The medium pizza is good for 2, but I wouldn’t judge you if you can finish it by yourself… it’s that good.

My Midnight Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato rating is 4/5.

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