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Grand Barbeque: Anniversary Dinner Buffet AED 59.00

If you have a party coming up and do not have time to think of the number of guest, food and venue… I found just the right place for you. Grand Barbecue Restaurant on Al Mina Road near Ibis Styles Hotel in Satwa is the place for you. A massive restaurant that can seat up to 200 guests. The size seems like the Titanic, the interior feels like a 1900 vibe to it. It’s like your grandparents’ enormous house with big feast waiting for you.

As for the food, feast is an understatement. The options are limitless. They serve different cuisines- Indian, Pan-Asian and other international cuisines. They have dishes for vegetarian and non-vegetarians. They also take pride on their live counters some of which are the Pasta and Dim Sum, Pan Asian noodle or rice, Chaat and Dessert. The dishes are over 100 from starters to desserts. Having said that, I will give you a review of my favorite and least favorite from starters to desserts and the drinks.






Our server, recommended we order Masala Mojito and Jamaican Mojito. I prefer Masala Mojito as it tastes like Pani Puri with soda. The Jamaican Mojito was a bit sweet for me and tastes like I sprayed perfume on it. 🙂 To be fair with GBR, they asked if I want it to be changed, but I was okay with the Masala Mojito.

For the starters, I skipped on the salad so I could enjoy the 99 dishes they served. They serve all my favorite chaats…. Pani Puri, Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri and Papdi Chaat. Of course, my favorite is the Dahi Puri. Dahi means yogurt, batata means potato (sounds like patatas), puri are the crispy balls. Imagine that all together with sweet tamarind chutney, green chutney, chili powder and other spices. I have mentioned on my previous reviews that Dahi Puri is my #1 chaat. Another favorite is the Crispy Chicken Wantons. It’s amazing that they were able to keep it crispy despite being exposed to air. The chicken filling melts in your mouth. This is something you will not stop eating as it is light too. The chili chicken is my least favorite as it is a bit salty.

The barbeque is their signature dish (obviously). I was expecting that the Mutton Seekh Kabab will be my least favorite because I don’t like mutton. Surprisingly, it is what I like the most among all their barbecue dishes. Mutton usually have that strong aftertaste, but their mutton kabab doesn’t have it, that’s why I like it. The meat is delicately molded and grilled to perfection to give that juicy moist and delightful taste. To save space on your plate, no need to get the chutneys as all their barbecue dishes are awesome, I cannot pick my least favorite.


For the meat curries, my favorite is Shahi Haleem. It is whole granule lentil and wheat cooked with chicken over low flame. This feels like a good meal on a cold or rainy weather or on sick days with mom or granny. The lentils and wheat were ground until its so smooth and the low fire cooking made the chicken flavor stronger. They also have a selection of toppings to make this dish more special. I topped mine with coriander and caramelized onions. I also have to give special mention to Bhuna Ghost Kadai. Again, this is mutton and there is no after taste at all. It is similar to Filipino’s Pata Tim but a little bit spicy. My least favorite is the Grilled Fish Balls with Lemon Butter, I don’t know how they grilled the fish with batter on it. The batter was a bit salty for me too… I guess, it would taste better with rice.

Meat Curries

With all these barbequed and curried meat, you must be thinking that there is nothing else they are good at… Do not forget the biryani. The biryani is a big pot of long grained fragrant rice layered with saffron, whole spices and chunks of juicy chicken.  I always eat biryani at restaurants that specializes in it. Knowing Grand Barbeque specializes in barbeque I was not expecting the biryani to be great. However, I finished a cup of biryani. A very huge mistake, since it made me feel full in an instant.  Why did I do that? You can taste all the spices and the flavor of the chicken in every grain of rice. This is a dish that will make you clean your plate even if you are full.

Chicken Biryani

If you have been reading my reviews, you would know which will be my favorite among the veggie dishes…Paneer Jabaabdaar. This curry dish tastes similar to Chicken Butter. Methi Mutter Malai tastes and looks like Filipino’s Sipo Eggs without the egg. I did not enjoy the Palak Ki Tikki and Veg Shammi Kebab that much, it taste bland to me or maybe I am so full that’s why my palate cannot taste any food I eat. 🙂

Vegetarian Dishes

My favorite among the dessert options are the Lauki Ka Halwa and White Cheese Pastry. What’s amazing with the Lauki Ka Halwa is that it is made of Bottle Gourd or calabash, or white-flowered gourd, Lagenaria siceraria. The vegetable we call UPO in the Philippines is made into a sweet. We just eat this sautéed with onion, garlic and shrimp (that’s “vegetarian” for us) or just use it as a loofah. 🙂 It tastes so yummy that you don’t mind gobbling it all up at once. I had three servings of that.

There you have it… a no-stress party at Grand Barbeque Restaurant that will cater to all your friend’s diet. You can call them for inquiries or reservations by checking their Grand Barbeque Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  page.

I also forgot to mention that they have Anniversary Promotion until February 3, this whole buffet for only AED 59.00 instead of AED 79.00, my rating is 4.5/5.



  1. Eat small portions of each dish. When you liked a dish, you can help yourself with a second serving of the dish or dishes that you like.
  2. Always begin with appetizers, this are usually served in the best looking way possible to awaken your senses.
  3. Eat veggie option first before the meat. Since meat is heavy, you might end up not tasting the veggie goodness they offer.
  4. If you can, skip carbs (except the biryani). Since foods that are high in carbohydrates are heavy, it will surely make you full in a jiffy.
  5. Get small portions of the dessert and share the dessert with your food buddy. Since you will be full by this time, a little sweet to end the night will make it more awesome.

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