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Groupon Voucher: Little Bangkok Media City

Since my experience at Little Bangkok Oud Metha was awesome, I bought four Groupon vouchers for AED 25.00 each with a value of AED 50.00. My best friend Wendy got back from South Africa. As an early Christmas party, we decided to meet up and use the vouchers. We both like Little Bangkok since she visited JLT branch often when she was residing in JLT. Both of us had good experience in different Little Bangkok branches, I told her we can meet at Little Bangkok in Media City. I sent her the Little Bangkok Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato link so she can check the directions.

Little Bangkok Media City is just right above Party Centre but if you take the metro, it’s like a travel to Mars. The path walk from the metro to the buildings is all sand and under construction. The restaurant is nice. It’s bigger than Oud Metha and JLT branch. The staff was accommodating. Corina gave us the menu and she assisted us with her charming smile on which should we order. We asked for sparkling water and she gave us some time to decide what to order.

Little Bangkok Media City

I told Wendy we need to order something that I cannot cook. I asked her if she can be a guest reviewer on She gladly accepted my offer.

For our appetizer we had Nam Nuang. It’s a garden salad roll and grilled chicken served with a spicy peanut roll.

Nina: Its like the Vietnamese spring rolls, vegetables are fresh and crunchy but I was expecting the a more peanutty sauce.

Wendy: It was good but the sauce was a bit spicy for me. (Wendy that’s why its called spicy peanut sauce:p)

Nam Nuang: AED 37.00

For our mains we had Pad Thai Shrimp.

Wendy: It does not have that authentic Thai flavor. I could not find the shrimp too. I think I had two. How many you had Nina?

Nina: Its nice but a little bit sweet for me. Its not the usual pad thai that is a little bit sour. I had one shrimp. 🙁

Pad Thai Prawn: AED 43.00

Khao Pad Tom Yum Talay is seafood fried rice with tom yum herbs.

Nina: not sure if this is tom yum, it tastes like ketchup rice.

Wendy: Where is the seafood?

Nina: Here! Squids!

Wendy: No thanks. I don’t like squid.

Khao Pad Tom Yum Talay: AED 49.00

Corina asked if we want to have desserts and recommended Khao Neaw Mamuang. Since we were not yet finished catching up I told Wendy she should try that dessert as it is not that sweet. She told me to order another one for me so I ordered Tako. I understand that the kitchen was busy as they have an open kitchen. It took a little long time to serve our dessert.

Wendy: This is tasty. I like it.

Nina: Yes, but I like the one they served in Oud Metha, it looks more appetizing too.

Khao Neaw Mamuang AED 30.00

Tako did not arrive shortly after the mango. We waited for a long time to have this little squares of steamed tapioca and water chestnut in coconut milk.

Wendy: What is this? (referring to the leaf)

Nina: Oh! Those are Pandan leaves, its like the vanilla essence of South East Asia.

Wendy: I almost ate it.

Nina: This taste like maja blanca, a dessert from PH. (Wendy gave me the last Tako square)

Tako: AED 22.00

All in all what will be our rating?

Wendy: To be honest, for a well-known franchise 2/5. Presentation was really under standard. Noodle and rice had not much flavor.

Nina: If its only Corina that I will rate I will give her a 5. However if all in all its 2.5/5. Service was good, food and presentation has to improve a lot. It will be best if all Little Bangkok franchise has standard taste for every dish.


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