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Hanabi – Asiana Hotel

Hanabi is one of the restaurants in Asiana that has an offer of Grand Buffet for AED 155.00 with soft beverage. Grand Buffet because you can eat at 3 restaurants which I will post my review of the other restaurants soon. The only downside of having this Grand Buffet is you have too much option that you don’t know which one to get.

Hanabi is the Japanese restaurant at mezzanine floor of Asiana. You will be welcomed by an accommodating staff and a long line of sushi- ya (sushi bar). It has different types of sushi, maki, tempura and a lot of more authentic Japanese dishes even chicken drumsticks. I took what I think I would like… All of which are mediocre except for the salmon sushi. Salmon is one of the most popular ingredients used in sushi and sashimi, but to ensure it is safe, it should be previously frozen, or farmed appropriately. I am sure the salmon they used was put on ice to kill the bacteria, but it tastes like I was eating it when they just caught it. It’s so fresh that it melted in my mouth.

They have this fish dish which tastes like it has soy sauce in it. It is tasty; however, I was not in the mood for fish bones that night so I did not finish it.

They have a lot of desserts. I was not able to taste everything but I mainly took the premium cakes. My favorite is the Passion Fruit Cake. It has a sweet first bite, a bitter dark chocolate taste that is balanced by the sourness of the fresh passion fruit and ends with sweet again. If I was not full, I would have come back for more.

I am rating Hanabi 4.5/5.

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