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Irish Village: My Birthday Dinner

It’s my birthday, and my friends know that I don’t really celebrate it so they took me to Irish Village to have a special dinner, Pork Sausage! I was undecided if should I order the Chef’s Roast of the day or the Pork Sausage but our server was insisting on the Pork Sausage as this is one of Irish Village’s specialties. Even my friends were telling me to have that. We had fries first and Hop House 13 Lager Beer which is an Irish beer that they serve just recently. . I was skeptical to have beer as I have been clean from alcohol for almost a year now so I thought it will taste bitter but it wasn’t. The beer taste nice, its light and a little bit sweet.

After a plate of fries, I decided to get the Pork Sausage since everyone I know have been raving about it. It arrived when we just finished our second serving of French fries. Its served with mashed potato and gravy, garnished with caramelized onions on top. I would say that this is really a must try. It has the right blend of saltiness and spiciness. Every bite makes you want more. The gravy has the same taste with the sausage making the mashed potato go well with everything. No wonder everyone has told me to have this. All in all it was a nice birthday dinner. 5/5 Irish Village.

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