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Jeema JA Fort Hotel: A Hidden Paradise

Jeema – JA Fort Hotel is the least reviewed restaurant that I have been to. Two reasons: first-it’s one hour drive from the center of Dubai, second- people are not aware of the majestic landscapes in this part of Dubai. JA Fort Hotel has a day pass of AED 50.00 per head, which can be consumed for food and drinks. They have two restaurants, Cafe Gazebo and Jeema. Jeema is only available for dinner, serving daily from 7pm to 11pm. However, they also serve lunch buffet on Fridays for the cost of AED 125.00. Since we were a big hungry group of adults and kids, we chose Jeema because the chef just opened the buffet when we arrived.

While eating we were dumbfounded by the amazing landscape of Hatta. Since the UAE is thought of just a plain sandy desert, this is one place you wouldn’t believe seeing in UAE.

We were welcomed with various selection of salads. Colorful hues of vegetable and fruits that are a feast to my eyes. We all enjoyed the salad but everyone’s favorite is the beetroot hummus. I was really impressed that I used it as a salad dressing. 🙂 It’s slightly sweet, super creamy, velvety smooth, nutritious and beautiful to look at.


The buffet has very selected vegetarian items for the main dish and all were average. Thanks to the wide range of salads my vegetarian friend still enjoyed the buffet.

For the meat selections, all were awesome, but what stands out most is the Lamb Kofta. It is a small mutton patty, perfectly grilled and has the right amount of saltiness and spiciness. The spices used are perfectly blended and is soothing each piece of the ground mutton making it melt in your mouth with every bite. I even made a mini burger, using the small bun from the bread tray, veggies from the salads and the beetroot hummus as the dressing. If I wasn’t on cleansing program that day, I would have eaten 5 mini mutton kheema burgers.

The desserts look inviting too. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it except me since I was only allowed to eat the fruit salad, but I also had one fruit tart. 🙂

If you think of it, the price  for the buffet is AED 75.00 per head  since the AED 50.00 entrance can be used for food and drinks. Despite the average food, I think it’s worth it since you are paying for the picturesque view. The entrance fee covers a zoo, lots of playgrounds and lots of greenery which is a luxury in a hot country (I will post about this soon). My rating is 4/5.

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