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Kaati Express : You are in a Roll!

Kaati Express is a small nook in Karama that sells quick bites. My friend has been telling me about Kaati for a long time. He keeps on saying that I will like it. I noticed that lots of Filipinos come here to order chai as well.

My friend was so excited he ordered 4 dishes for 2 people. He ordered Baida Roti which is like flat shawarma cutlets, Veg Kheema which looks like a shawarma and Chili Paneer a chapathi roll with paneer inside. Then he saw Vada Pav which is India’s famous veggie burger with chai is only AED 5.00  so he ordered that as well. The server asked if we want to alter the spiciness, and my beloved friend said to cook and prepare it as it is.

The Veg Kheema arrived first. I was unsure with my first bite on Veg Kheema. The bread is crunchier than shawarma and the filling is somewhat of a taste and texture of liver, more bites and I asked for water. That’s when he ordered the vada pav with chai. I don’t really like the taste and texture of liver, even though this is veg I didn’t like it.

Veg Kheema AED 12.00

As you can see on the picture I finished half of the chai, the Veg Kheema was really spicy for me. I liked the Vada Pav because the spices were blended perfectly. I kept biting into it as the potato helps on soothing my taste buds as well. My friend stopped me as there are still 2 dishes we need to try.

Vada Pav and Chai

Chili Paneer and Baida Roti arrived at the same time, my tongue was really burning now so I just had 1 bite of each and I’m done. I was excited for Chili Paneer as I thought there is something I can eat, but then it was spicy for me too. Baida Roti to be honest I couldn’t remember how it tastes because my tongue needs to be sent to the ER. I had a bite and I said I’m done. I don’t blame Kaati Express as they did ask us if we need to lessen the spiciness. So lesson learned, please tell them to make it less spicy because if not you will go home your with eyes watery… a roll that will make you roll to the toilet.

Chili Paneer and Black Tea

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