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Kailash Parbat: Pav Bhaji

Since Mena Bazaar is a tourist spot as it is near the Old Dubai and the souqs it is one of the busiest area in Dubai. I was there not as a tourist but as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) to buy dates for my family back home.

One of the things I will miss when I fly back to the Philippines is Indian food. Walking around looking for dates we saw this poshy resto Kailash Parbat. It is quite out of place in the area. After buying three kilos of dates, we looked for Kailash Parbat. It was a weekday but its full, I think a lot of people were celebrating something that day. I like the interior of the place as it feels like a garden inside. The furniture and the dinnerware totally fuses with the wall decorations.

We ordered pav bhaji, which is one of my favorite Indian dish. AED 16.00 is not bad, and its a lot too. However the taste was a little bit salty for me. The manager said we could have told them and they will replace it with less salt, I said I want to taste how their pav bhaji is and not how I like it.

Then we ordered this Paneer Kofta Masala. The curry is delicious, it’s finger licking good and I almost lick my plate. Even without the Kofta which is like a meatball but this one is veg but is as good as a meatball, the curry will be good in its own. Most Indian curries will have cumin, coriander, turmeric and chili. However some are not harmoniously mixed… Kailash Parbat did a good job on this dish that it is a must to try.

To end it with a sweet note, we ordered Malai Phirni which is a a grounded basmati rice with milk flavored with saffron and topped with pistachios. I would compare this to our champorado but this one is finer and milkier. Its like a melted ice cream. One of the finest  phirni I’ve tasted.

Malai Phirni AED 16.00

Kailash Parbat has a lot of fusion food to offer, interesting dishes that is definitely worth trying. Check them out here.Kailash Parbat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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