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Kathiyawadi Restaurant

This is a newly opened thali restaurant in Karama. They serve unlimited thali for only AED 35.00. The place is small but can accommodate up to 40 people inside. If they can fill the restaurants with 40 hungry people, it will be claustrophobic for me. 

The servers were fast and attentive. As usual on unlimited thali restaurants, they first offer you with a hand wash on a copper basin and then they serve the starters, mains, and then sweets. 

Idli- I don’t like Idli but their idli is tasty. A mix of spicy and sweet. 

Gujiya– I thought Samosa is the Indian Empanada, but I was wrong. They have their version of empanada, but instead of meat it is stuffed with veggies. Surprisingly, it tastes like it has meat but it does not have any meat at all. I had second serving of this. 

Subji– They serve three subjis: potato, luffa, and paneer. Nothing special for all the subjis As always, paneer is my favorite. It is spicy but I cannot stop eating it because it is tasty. The spice is calmed down by the fleshy creamy paneer.  For AED 35.00, it is really worth it. Your taste buds and tummy will be satisfied on all the food you will stuff your face with. I remember ordering a 4-piece chicken meal for this price then feeling sick after eating it. I am rating Kathiyawadi Restaurant 3.5/5. Kathiyawadi Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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