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Kulcha King Trade Centre

Kulcha King in Trade Centre Area is located in the Mezzanine Floor, Number One Tower Suites, Opposite Financial Centre Metro Station. It is the only restaurant inside the hotel that serves it’s guest breakfast and lunch buffet. A family friendly restaurant that caters to anyone even for customers that are not guest of the hotel.

I have been seeing Kulcha Kings’s billboard along SZR, that it made me excited to try their dishes. We ordered Chicken Kheema Kulcha, Special Veg Lachcha, Paneer Tikka Masala, Roomali Roti and Garlic Naan.

The Special Veg Lachcha is served with Chole Bathore. Special Veg Lachcha has soft, mushy vegetable filling. I can taste onion, potato, and coriander. The Chole Bathore was a bit salty and spicy for me.

Special Mixed Vegetable Lachcha

Chicken Kheema Kulcha is as thick as a paratha but has the texture of a crispy roti. It has a tolerable spiciness to it. Saltiness is just right. It is served with chicken and tomato based gravy that looks like a Bolognese sauce with minced chicken.

Chicken Kheema Kulcha

Both Kulchas were good bu itself, even without the gravy but it has to be eaten fast while it’s hot as it becomes tough when it’s cold.

Paneer Tikka Masala has big pieces of Paneer which has a smoky taste. The tomato chunks gave the gravy more texture and sweet tastes to the curry. The spiciness overpowers the sweetness. We ate it with Roomali Roti which, is as thin as a wanton paper, and Garlic Naan which wasn’t that garlicky.

Paneer Tikka Masala

Most dishes, especially the curries were a bit spicy for me. I still finished and enjoyed it as there are other taste that may tongue experiences on every bite not just spiciness.

I am giving Kulcha King 3.5/5 Kulcha King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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