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Groupon Voucher: Little Bangkok Oud Metha

Thai is one of my favorite cuisine as it taste similar to the food of one of my favorite regions in Philippines- Bicol. They both use chili and coconut milk on their food. When I saw this deal on Groupon, I bought 4 vouchers which means AED 100.00 for AED 200.00 worth of food. I sent it to my friends and one of them bought vouchers as well.

We used our vouchers in Oud Metha outlet, our server gave us the menu and we read it from start to end. Undecided what to get, we seek his advice. He recommended for starters Dumpling Gai, for main Pad thai Je, Dum Gai and Kao Je.

The dumpling was nice but nothing extravagant. When they serve us the thai sweet and chili sauce it made the dumpling taste even better.

Dumpling Gai AED 23.00


Pad Thai Je is color red. The first time I ate Pad Thai it was not color red so I was surprised to see it in red. It was served without the meat and eggs that’s why it looks like its only noodles and veggies. This one is good… sweet and sour noodles that will fill your tummy.

Pad Thai AED 37.00

Dum Gai is a stir fried chicken with veggies and garlicky pepper sauce which is what we wanted. Kao Je is sticky Jasmin fried rice with veggies and oyster sauce also similar to Dum Gai. Both taste like Chinese to me. The sauce used was oyster sauce.

Dum Gai – not on the menu
Kao Pad Je – AED 33.00

For dessert we ordered Mamuang Ice Cream which is sweet sticky jasmin rice with Thai mango and vanilla ice cream on the side. This is similar to biko and our carabao mango in the Philippines but the Thai mango has a little sourness taste to it which matches perfectly with the sticky rice and the ice cream. This is AED 35.00.

The experience from the food we ate, the service, the staff, and the ambiance of the restaurant are all superb. A must visit even if there is no Groupon deal.  We still have vouchers left so I would have to use that first. Check Little Bangkok’s other menu here. Little Bangkok Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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