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Lucky Bandra: Vegetable Biryani

I don’t know whats with Biryani but it seems to be the food I crave for when I have migraine. Its been 3 days since I got back from Philippines and migraine seems to be missing me. I haven’t adjusted to the 4 hour time difference which means I am sleepy at 5:00 PM and dead by 7:00 PM. Adjusting my body clock, I have to adjust the time of meals as well…. Hence I was craving for Biryani at 8:00 AM. I just ate a banana then went back to sleep. I must say banana really helps me with my migraine. 

Woke up at noon and my tummy is like Godzilla and Kingkong combined. I googled for best biryani in Dubai and saw an article that Lucky Bandra is one of the best tasting biryani in Dubai for only AED 25.00. Let’s  try.  

We ordered the vegetable biryani and egg masala. Since the biryani is only AED 22.00 its not served in a pot with pastry on top. Amazingly for AED 22.00 its good. The taste can be compared to the expensive biryanis the only difference is the vegetable and the texture is less. 

Egg Masala is boiledd egg in a red curry which has lots of onion and the major herbs and spices used in India: turmeric, chili, coriander, garam masala. Again, another amazing dish prepared using simple ingredients for only AED 23.00.  

We spent around AED 60.00 for 2 people since we ordered additional rice and bread. Check Lucky Bandra here   Lucky Bandra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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