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Luluat Al Khaleej Pastries: Cheese Chicken Manakeesh

If I did not plan anything on weekends, I am busy with my blog. Once I start blogging, I cannot stop until I have reached my target number of posts. The only reason I will stop is when I get hungry while describing the experience I had on the food I am blogging on which happens all the time. 🙂 Thank goodness for Luluat Al Khaleej Pastries Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato online ordering I can blog while I wait for my food without the fuss of checking the kitchen if my food is ready or if it is burning. I wanted something easy to eat yet filling, something I can eat while typing, so I ordered manakeesh and luckily Luluat Al Khaleej has 10% discount on my first online order so I tapped on their bestsellers, Cheese Chicken Manakeesh and Kraft Honey Fatayer.

My food arrived 17 minutes earlier. I did not like how it is packed because both savory and sweet were in one pack. Kudos to the delivery guy for delivering my food how it should look and taste. My experience with these kind of breads is, it should be eaten while it’s hot as it gets tough when it’s cold. You also don’t get the overall taste when it is cold.

It is a first for me to eat manakeesh with meat. They folded it in half and cut it in half. On my first bite, I only had the bread that’s why it tasted bland. The manakeesh was a bit thicker too. Second bite, I tasted the chicken with tomato sauce and lots of onions. I opened the manakeesh and approximately one inch from the edge don’t have sauce or chicken on it that’s why it tasted bland. To avoid food waste, I had a small bite on the middle of the manakeesh for the chicken, then big bite on the edges.

The Kraft Honey Fatayer was soft while it’s hot. It’s flowing with honey that it’s dripping. Honey is not too sweet which is a perfect combination with the Kraft Cheese. It is a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness.

Kraft Honey

I am rating Luluat Al Khaleej Pastries 3/5.

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