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Manga Sushi Groupon Deal AED 89.00 for 2

Found this deal on Groupon, Japanese Set Meal AED 89.00 for two? Click. Purchased!

The Experience.

Medyo nakakaligaw papunta don. Feeling ko ginugutom ako ng GPS para magandang review ibigay ko. When we arrived The Beach Park Plaza, Manga Sushi is situated in the first level. You will immediately notice it because of the Manga characters painted on the wall. The female servers wear Sailor Moon style outfits. Only one table was occupied so obviously we were seated when we got there. They gave us the menu to show us the choices for the salad. The server suggested Crab Salad which is their best seller. They gave us a complimentary salad, I think they can see in our face that we were starving.

Crab Salad was ok, crabstick and cucumber with spicy Japanese mayo served in a crispy wanton bowl. The way it was served is interesting, the taste is refreshing because of the cucumbers. The spicy sweet mayo will make you bite for more. When you finish the salad, you can’t resist eating the crispy wanton bowl as well.

Crab Salad

They did not explain to me what was served on our sushi and maki platter, but what I like the most is the maki with the tempura. The crispy tempura is an innovative way to eat maki since most of the time, maki has soft or gooey filling inside the rice.

Sushi Maki Platter

If not for the deal though, I won’t visit Manga Sushi. First, its not accessible for people like me who don’t drive… and you know how taxi drivers in Dubai are, 1/10 times you will always get a taxi driver who just started his job. Second, the price is not worth the quantity and quality of the food.

Anyways, thanks to Groupon for making this experience possible.

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