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Midnight Cafe: Desi Dynamite Dog

When I am craving for junkfood like pizza, hotdogs, etc but I want to be healthy I always order from Midnight Cafe. I called them for delivery but when I checked their Midnight Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato page, I think it will be nice to check them out one of these days as their restaurant has changed a lot from a small take away place in front of Karama Centre to a now nice restaurant where you can sit and read or play game boards.

I ordered the tuna salad, paneer frankheez and desi dynamite dog.

I was so hungry I ate the Paneer Frankhee first, if you have been reading my blog posts… Paneer is like my chocolate. I am addicted to it. I had my first bite, second then third. I could not taste the paneer. It feels like my date did not show up. 🙁 Anyways, I finished it off and moved on.

Paneer Frankheez AED 9.00

I had the tuna salad, it tastes like my mom’s tuna salad but with green bell peppers which added texture and sweetness of the pepper. I did not finish it though because I have one more sandwich to eat, the Desi Dynamite Dog.

Tuna Salad AED 14.00

Desi Dynamite Dog is Dubai’s version of New York’s famous hot dogs but with a vegetarian option which is served similar to a sloppy joe. I was amazed how good it is, I am a believer now that veggie hotdogs taste nice too. The sauce is a little bit spicy (thats why its called dynamite.. duh!). I suggest for people who are not into spicy food it will be best to order the Desi Dog. Then I finished the tuna salad.

I hope Midnight Cafe improve their Paneer Frankhee, it tasted like Onion Frankee to be honest.

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