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Mumbai Masti Juice Center: A Must Visit

Bur Dubai is a place for all the inexpensive stuff. From home appliances, watches, clothes, techy gadgets and accessories, fabric, bags, and of course… food. Situated in the heart of Old Dubai, opposite Dubai Museum is Mumbai Masti Juice Center. We often passed by this place when searching for good finds in Bur Dubai and we always say that we should eat at the Mumbai Masti Juice Center on our next Bur Dubai trip. Walking endlessly we stopped by at the Mumbai Mast Juice Center for a quick and light snack.

We first had the Masala Puri which is similar to Sukha Masala Puri, our server said they can serve it wet or dry. We opted for dry. When we got our order, it is similar to the puri they give you after eating pani puri to clear out the spiciness on your tongue. It was too dry so we asked for sweet chutney and drizzle each puri a little bit of the chutney to make it a little bit moist. I think the wet Masala Puri is a better option.

After a long walk, one Masala Puri is not enough. We ordered three sandwiches. All these sandwiches are served with cheese, but since I was counting my calories I requested the sandwiches without cheese and less butter to make me less guilty. 🙂 FYI, I shared the sandwich with a friend.

Pav Baji Grill is a the usual Pav Bhaji without the mess. Pav Bhaji served in a grilled white bread with green chutney on the side. It was a little bit spicy for me, but if this has cheese then it will be lesser spicy. This sandwich has to be eaten fast as the bread gets soggy because of the pav bhaji and butter.

Special Grill is a mix of onion, cucumber, capsicum, tomato, mushroom, and schezwan paneer. It seems to be a combination of Bombay Veg Sandwich and Schezwan Paneer. Again, this is spicy. It’s better not take out the cheese to get the full flavor of the sandwich. It’s good that they cut in 6, it made eating easier.

Masti Grill is my favorite among all these sandwiches. It’s loaded with lots of onions. Other ingredients are capsicum, mushroom, fried paneer. A mustard yellow concoction in between two grilled white breads. It looks very similar to a crab dish my mom used to cook. On my first bite it felt like it was sauteed in crab butter. It’s a mixture of sweet, savory and briny. A vegan sandwich (since it has no cheese) that can trick any person who is against being vegan.

Masala Puri AED 9.00

Pav Bhaji Grill AED 11.00

Special Grill AED 18.00

Masti Grill AED 14.00

I am rating Mumbai Masti Juice Center 4/5. Mumbai Masti Juice Centre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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