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Omidivan Restaurant: Fish Ambotic

My ever trusted friend/food buddy wants to eat chickenjoy, I said not today. I want Goan food. His cousin recommended a Goan restaurant in Karama. I checked Omidivan Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato what is this Goan restaurant in Karama. The name is Omidivan Restaurant. We used google maps from Zomato to locate the place. The restaurant is near Al Maya and its a bit inside the building so you might miss it. Looking at the restaurant’s exterior, it looks like a Cyber Café as the font used for the logo looks like it.

When we entered the place, its a black and white interior with Goa’s scenic photos on the wall. I told my friend Goa is very similar to Philippines because of all the greenery and the churches. Since Goa was colonized by Portugal for 400 years (very much like PH as well) their religion is 35% Catholic, that explains the churches.

We ordered the famous Goan dishes which are mostly beef and seafood. The price ranges from AED 25.00 to AED 65.00. We ordered Fish Ambotic, Beef Chili,  Patoleo and Tamarind Punch. While waiting for our order we discussed how Goans are. He said that Goans are pretty laid back. The restaurant was half full when we were there, but the service was a bit slow.

They served Fish Ambotic first. They have different options for fish but we selected shark. The red curry is really spicy, there is a lot of spiciness and a little bit of sourness to it. Just a little bit of the curry on the Portuguese bread is enough to give you an explosive taste. My friend was sweating a lot so he finds it amusing that even if it was spicy I was still having fun eating it. He ordered Tamarind Punch because he cannot take the spiciness anymore. I had a sip or two of the punch as the fish was really spicy. The Tamarind Punch is a carbonated tamarind juice. The juice was sweet it eased all the spiciness we just had.

Tamarind Punch AED 18.00

When the Beef Chili arrived our tongues were burn from the fish, but its ok we can still handle this. Beef Chili is like a beef stir fry with vegetables but instead of soy sauce they used turmeric, coriander, ginger and green chilies. While eating it, I didn’t notice my nose was drooling. I told my friend, “No offense, Goan food tastes nice but it is spicy for me.” Take note, we told the server to make it less spicy. So I was wondering how would it taste if it was the original recipe. 🙂

Beef Chili- not on the menu

We need to have a dessert! Sweets will end this burning sensation on our taste buds. The manager recommended we ordered Patoleo which is also not in the menu. It definitely looks like nilupak, a Filipino sweet snack made of cassava. Tastes the same but nilupak is softer, Patoleo is chewy.


All in all, it was good. We were back here recently with all other Goans. Most of us ordered thali. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good experience as the coconut used on the curries wasn’t fresh. The only thing I liked was the Shell Pulav.

Kabayans, Goan food is similar to our food but their food is way spicier, even spicier than what the Bicolanos eat. If ever you will be adventurous enough to eat Goan food always remember to to ask them to make it not spicy, just a pinch of spiciness. 🙂

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