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Orange Puff Chimney Cake

I am quite certain that what everyone misses now besides having peace of mind is to travel… am I right or am I right? Some of you might have booked a quick trip last summer to escape Dubai’s heat. We did, but not to another country… we’ve gone to La Cocina, Los Lounges, St. Bathroom, and Santa Cama. 😉

Now that colder weather is around the corner and we have the freedom to walk around Dubai (wearing PPE of course), I found this new gem in JLT that sells pastries that will ease your itch to travel.

Orange Puff Chimney Cake is in Lake View Towers Cluster B Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. It is a newly opened bakeshop which specializes in Chimney Cake and French Macarons. They offer a lot of baked goodies which I bet are all delicious, but for now let us talk about the best sellers.

The Orange Puff Chimney Cake is inspired by the famous Chimney Cake in Georgia. Orange Puff’s Chimney Cake is a pastry wrapped around a wooden spool and slowly turned over in a special oven.

It has a crunchy, sugary outside crust, served with a filling or an ice cream. I prefer the Original Chimney Cake with Vanilla ice cream. I just love the contrast of the warm crispy chimney cake and the cold soft ice cream. The ice cream will be top with two toppings of your choice. The Chimney Cake is best eaten with their V60 Premium Special Brewed Coffee which has citrus notes.

The French Macarons is so smooth, just looking at it is satisfying. Its lightness matches perfectly with the rich fillings. One small bite and it will float in your mouth then disappear.

It will be followed with an explosion of sweetness of the macaron cookie and then the flavours of the filling. This meringue-based cookie has a variety of flavours- pistachio, coconut, chocolate, butter cream, strawberry, lemon lime, cookies & cream. Each macaron has its own flavour, my favourites are butter cream, coconut strawberry, and lemon lime. This is best eaten with their organic hot Ginger Tea with Cinnamon. It is also best with cold fresh milk.

Butter Cream Macaron is the classic macaron flavoured with vanilla. Classic, simple, and elegant.

Coconut Macaron is a dream come true for coconut lovers. Everything is coconut, the cookie, the filling, and even topped with shredded coconut. It has complex flavours of sweet, toasty, creamy, and fresh.

Strawberry Macaron is usually with strawberry butter cream, Orange Puff’s version is with a jam which I like because it added texture and flavour to the macaron. The light sourness of the jam complemented the sweet meringue cookie.

Lemon Lime Macaron is my most favourite. It is tangy and sweet. The filling is lemon curd that has a slight acidity which masks the sugar present into the lemon macarons.

There are still a lot of goodies at Orange Puff that I must try. I will be back to try all of it.

Visit them now and get your boxes of macarons available in three sizes.

Box of 5 – AED 28 (pay for 4pcs +1 free)

Box of 15 – AED 84 (pay for 12pcs  +3 free)

Box of 24 – AED 120 (pay for 20pcs + 4 free)

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