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P.F. Chang’s Mall of the Emirates

P.F. Chang’s has been my family’s favorite restaurant. We usually celebrate our birthdays here. This year we want to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentines day.

The Experience.

We went to P.F. Chang at MOE. The reception was hospitable, even though it was lunch time we were seated immediately. We were given the menu, and we cannot decide what to get so our server looks impatient. My sister told him that we will just call him when we are ready. When we called him and asked him questions about some of the food in the menu, he wasn’t accomodating. My sister asked him politely to smile. We ordered crispy Green Beans, Dynamite Shrimp, Fried Chicken Dimsum, their Chinese New Year dish the Crunchy Hawaiian Ebi Roll, Singapore Street Noodles.

Our food was served, but our server was still not smiling. I didn’t give a fuss about it since I am happy spending time with my family. The Dynamite is as always the bomb… spicy, sweet and tangy. The Crispy Green bean is  brilliant, my 7 year old niece loves it, well the breading… its crispy as fries but a healthier version. I end up eating the beans since my niece strip it naked and she ate all the breading.

The Crunchy Hawaiian Ebi Roll is perfectly described on the menu. There is a harmonious blend of textures. The roll is dominantly sweet but different kind of sweet which are from the pineapple and plum sauce, then there is the slight kick from the wasabi. The Chicken dimsum is a bit disappointing, we ordered for fried as the kids want something crispy, what we got was just seared dumplings. Akala namin deep fried dumplings.

I personally choose the Singapore Street Noodles, since I have always thought of street food as tasty. However, I was disappointed. Just the presentation itself isnt appetizing. Looks like a kid played with the noodles and vegetables. Taste was bland too. I don’t know if I expected so much thats why I got disappointed. #hugot Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton is definitely better than this. I hope they improve the taste. P.F. Changs is a big company and I am sure they have great chefs to fix its taste.

What is my verdict? If I am craving for a dynamite or the Hawaiian ebi roll then I will call for delivery or visit another P.F. Chang branch. I am rating PF Chang’s 2/5 on P.F. Chang's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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