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Prabha’s Andhra Restaurant: Limited Non-Veg Thali AED 18.00

By this time I have been exposed to a lot of Indian food, I would say I might have known more about Indian food than Filipino food. In UAE, Indian food is very diverse unlike Filipino food that only the popular dishes are served. Indian restaurants here in UAE serve different cuisines from India. I checked online what are the cuisines in India, I saw Andhra. So I typed Andhra in Zomato and saw Prabha’s Andhra Restaurant in Karama. I was unsure so I asked my friend who introduced me to Indian food what are the other cuisines in India that we haven’t tried. Amazingly we were both looking at the same restaurant in Zomato. We decided to meet and eat lunch at Prabha’s.

It was a really small restaurant with only 4 tables. The restaurant was busy even though only 2 tables were occupied. They have a lot of orders for delivery. We ordered a vegetarian thali and a non-vegetarian thali. No questions asked, non-vegetarian thali is mine. This is the first time I am getting a non-vegetarian thali. Every curry, sambar and rasam is tasty. For only AED 18.00 it is really worth it. The chicken was really good but could have been better if there are no bones in it. Thave set a high expectation on my first non-veg thali.

After lunch, we had filtered coffee. It made me change my mind on paying a steep price for a nice cup of coffee. Since I had Prabha’s coffee I am never ordering from Starbucks again. This coffee is for coffee drinkers who likes their coffee milky and sweet. This coffee tastes like home. I remember drinking this hot coffee whenever my mom and I will go to the market early in the morning. Indian filtered coffee is better than a Starbucks café latte. As of to date, Prabha’s is the best filtered coffee I had in Dubai. They use fresh milk that’s why it tastes really good. You have to tell them to lessen the sugar though as I notice that filtered coffee has a lot of sugar in it as they don’t stir it. Its just in the bottom of the cup letting the sweetness linger in the coffee not destroying the bitter taste of the coffee and creaminess of the milk. As you can see in the picture below, my coffee is almost finished before I realized that I need to take a picture of it.

I would love to try another dish from this place, click this link for more info. Prabha's Andhra Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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