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Raju Omlet: My New Favorites

Raju Omlet is one of my 5-star-rating-restaurants. They have enthralling dishes, which makes it difficult for me to select my favorite. Recently, I ordered dishes from their menu that I have not had before. Here’s my review. 
Egg and Cheese Roll- it’s an egg in paratha but for me it tastes like pizza in a roll. It is mildly spiced and has lots of cheese which makes it good for people who do not like spicy food.

Egg Karejwali- On my first bite, what I said was “it’s heavenly”. It tastes like royalty since it is based from the 100-year-old Willingdon Club that only grants membership to the children of the current members of the creme-de-la-creme of Mumbai society. Egg Karejwali is a combination sunny side up, chilies, cheese, but for Raju Omlet they added their version with mushrooms. The cheese and the half-cooked yolk melts in the mouth while the mushroom gives a meaty texture. It made for a perfect between-meals snack, heavy enough to keep you going, but still short of a full meal.


Chatpata Boiled Tikka- is a Chef Recommended dish. It’s tomato-based gravy packed with lots of onions topped with boiled eggs. This is a complete meal and really heavy and packed with nutrients.

Boiled tikka- is almost the same as Chatpata Boiled Tikka but the tomato gravy a little bit sweet and tastier because of the green chillies, garlic, ginger, capsicum 

Gotala- is a Gujarat staple street food made from grated boiled egg, sunny side up, crushed onions, green chili powder, ginger and garlic. I generally like Gujarati food because it always has that rich taste. I was right. Gotala has a rich creamy taste because of the half fry egg. 

Still 5/5 for me. Raju Omlet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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